Argentina is finally adopting a successful Lionel Messi strategy

Argentina is finally adopting a successful Lionel Messi strategy

When Argentina was surprised by Saudi Arabia in the first game of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, it wasn’t easy to see them in the final.

As a result of Lionel Messi-inspired 3-0 victory against Croatia in the semi-final, Argentina will be in the final on Sunday.

While Argentina reaching the final after being humiliated on an opening day is something we did not anticipate, a Messi-inspired victory is entirely another story. The superstar of Paris Saint-Germain is participating in what will almost certainly be his last World Cup, and he is ready to make it the pinnacle of a remarkable career.

He has also had to be that competent. Argentina has been the least spectacular compared to the other pre-World Cup favorites.

They have never before shown as much dynamism as England showed against Iran. They have also not been as robust as Spain against Costa Rica or as swashbuckling as France against Australia (4-1 triumph).

You would also have to remark that they have not even gone close to matching Brazil’s elegance in defeating South Korea or Portugal’s fluidity against Switzerland.

One might almost argue that they have been incredibly uninteresting, but it may just mean constant. They have established a good shape, performed all the fundamentals well, and relied on Messi to deliver magic. Julian Alvarez has also contributed, of course.

It has not been even somewhat complex, nor has it been required to be. In truth, it had returned to a time when few people were concerned with tactics. In addition, this is not meant as an insult or criticism. In reality, the reverse is true.

Lionel Scaloni has skillfully avoided committing the cardinal fault of overthinking. During the Messi era, several of Argentina’s head coaches have seen complexity as their greatest opponent. Scaloni knows that his squad probably has the greatest player of all time, who is sure to contribute in every game. He has the foresight to recognize that all he needs to do is give a sturdy enough foundation to ensure those contributions are decisive.

The quarterfinal match against the Netherlands presented a peek at what may go wrong for Argentina, as it often did during Messi’s career. He was magical, but the defense collapsed, leaving their World Cup prospects in the hands of a penalty shootout.

They got away with it, and I believe they were aware of it. Their response the whole time strongly indicated as much.

The fact for Argentina, though, is that they do not need to play the most spectacular football. Argentina’s players and Lionel Scaloni are not even required to win the World Cup. Messi can do this for them. All they must do is maintain it. It is not a certainty, but it is their best opportunity, and we have enough evidence that they are aware of this.

Maintain ugliness and trust Messi to create beauty. It is by no means the worst idea Argentina has ever had.