Brazil dedicates its World Cup victory over South Korea to Pele

Brazil dedicates its World Cup victory over South Korea to Pele

Brazil’s World Cup players paid respect to Pele, who is still treated at a hospital.

Pele was brought to the hospital earlier this week after his treatment for intestinal cancer stopped working.

Brazil brilliantly booked their place in the quarter-finals with a 4-1 win over South Korea, and the Selecao brought a flag bearing Pele’s name and image onto the pitch. Many admirers in the audience had brought identical banners.

Before the game, Pele tweeted to the players that he would be watching the last 16 matches from his hospital bed and offering his usual support.

“”I walked the streets in 1958, thinking about keeping the promise I made to my father,” Pele explained.

“I know that many people today have made similar promises and are on their way to their first World Cup.

“I’ll be watching the game from the hospital and pulling for every one of you. Best wishes!”

Pele’s health has recently been the subject of conflicting reports, with his family vehemently denying initial claims that he was in end-of-life care.

“It’s rather unjust to imply he’s in terminal health and receiving palliative care. That’s not it, believe us, “Flavia Nascimento, her daughter, said in an interview with Globo TV.

Another of his daughters, Kelly, says Pele is in the hospital with a respiratory infection and adds: “He’ll be back home once he’s recovered. He is not saying his final farewells in a hospital right now.”

Pele is the only person to have won three World Cups in 1958, 1962, and 1970.