The day before the World Cup, FIFA president Gianni Infantino’s press conference held a strange.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino's press conference

One day before the 2022 World Cup starts, FIFA president Gianni Infantino’s press conference gave a confusing and sometimes offensive

The decision to give the World Cup to Qatar in 2010 set off a series of controversies about the country’s human rights record. They have also been criticized for how they treated migrant workers in the years leading up to the World Cup.

There are still a lot of complaints about this World Cup one day before it starts, and Infantino gave a strange and rude press conference before the tournament began.

“I feel very strongly today. Today I feel Qatari. Today I feel Arab. I feel African today. Today I feel gay. Today I feel disabled. “I feel like a migrant worker today,” Infantino said.

“I’m not from Qatar, I’m not gay, I’m not disabled, and I’m not really a migrant worker, but I know what it’s like to be discriminated against and bullied as a foreigner in a foreign country. When I was a kid, I was picked on at school because I had red hair and freckles. I was teased because of that.

“Europeans have taught us many, many lessons. I am European. I think we Europeans should apologize for what we’ve been doing around the world for the past 3,000 years before we try to teach people a lesson.

“Who cares about the employees? FIFA does, football does, the World Cup does, and Qatar does as well, to be fair. A few days ago, I went to an event where we talked about what we were going to do for disabled people at this World Cup.

“There are 400 reporters here [at my press conference]. Four reporters were there to cover that event.” There are a billion people with disabilities in the world. Nobody cares. Not a soul cares. Four journalists.

“Europe could do as Qatar did. Make some ways, some legal ways, for some of these workers to come to Europe. Low income. But give them a job, a future, and a chance.

“When it comes to paying workers, you should know that workers’ compensation is covered by the law. We are in a country with its own rules. Do you think FIFA can go to England or Italy and say, “We will set up a system for migrant workers in your country”?

“Let me also talk about the situation of LGBT people. I’ve talked about this topic with the most powerful people in this country more than once, and they’ve confirmed that everyone is welcome, which I can also confirm.

“If someone says the opposite, it’s not the country’s opinion, and it’s not FIFA’s. Qatar is a place where everyone is welcome. no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation, or beliefs. This is what we want, and the Qatari government doesn’t change.”

Infantino then talked about the sudden U-turn on Friday to ban selling alcohol near stadiums. He insisted that FIFA has not lost control of the World Cup.

“Every choice made at this World Cup is made by Qatar and FIFA together. It is talked about, debated, and decided together “He kept going.

“Personally, I think you’ll be okay if you can’t drink beer for three hours a day, because the same rules apply in France, Spain, Portugal, and Scotland.”

Infantino was also asked if Iran should be in the tournament given the country’s unstable political situation. He gave a strange answer.

“Let’s go if we should have a tournament in Iran because it might change something,” he said.

It is FIFA president Gianni Infantino’s press conference.