Gareth Southgate reveals England’s 2022 World Cup inspirations

Gareth Southgate

England’s Gareth Southgate claims the team will use the motivation of a lifetime—the chance to compete in a World Cup—to win it all in Qatar.

The Three Lions have had a successful tournament run in recent years, making it to the World Cup semi-finals in 2018 and losing the Euro 2020 championship game on penalties.

Nonetheless, Southgate is confident that his players will be motivated by the uncertainty of whether or not England can replicate such victories, let alone win the tournament, over thethe course of the next month.

Southgate said at a press conference before the World Cup, “With the players, we want to talk to them about the thrill of going to a World Cup.

“I think we understand the need to comment on the off-field things that surround this tournament,” the coach said, “but we want the players to feel that enthusiasm that they’ve had since they were kids, that struck me when I was speaking to them, for better or worse, about going to a World Cup and what it means.”

And, he continued, “we want to fuel that” by encouraging the players to shift their focus from their busy club schedules to England. Whatever happens in the following four weeks, we want to tell them that this has already been the second-best bestbest stretch in the history of English football. Let’s make it the greatest it can be.

Southgate continued, drawing on the previous World Cup’s mood among fans and the significance of taking fans on another experience that hehe termed as ‘unique’.

On November 21, England will play their first World Cup game against Iran.