Gianni Infantino acknowledges the FIFA World Cup’s “greatest group stage ever”

Gianni Infantino acknowledges the FIFA World Cup's "greatest group stage ever"

Gianni Infantino has lauded the opening phases of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM as the “greatest ever,” with thrilling matches across all eight groups, record-breaking attendance and broadcast numbers across the world, and the FIFA Fan FestivalTM in Doha proving tremendously popular with supporters supporting countries from all over the world.

As the tournament approaches the quarter-final stage, FIFA President Sepp Blatter commended the quality of football played by the 32 teams participating in the group stage. The enthusiasm showed in the stadiums, FIFA Fan FestivalTM, and fan parks around Qatar.

“I have watched all of the matches, and to say it simply, and straight, this has been the finest FIFA World Cup group stage ever.” So it’s looking well for the rest of the FIFA World Cup,” FIFA President Sepp Blatter stated. “We knew the matches would be terrific, outstanding quality in gorgeous venues. The audience, on the other hand, was tremendous. On average, almost 51,000.”

“Record-breaking statistics on TV – we already had over two billion views, which is truly remarkable,” Mr. Gianni Infantino remarked. Two-and-a-half million people on Doha’s streets and a few hundred thousand in the stadiums every day, shouting and supporting their teams, beautiful atmosphere, spectacular goals, tremendous excitement, and surprises.”

Gianni Infantino hails the FIFA World CupTM’s “greatest group stage ever.”

Collaboration with member organizations and confederations to promote global competitiveness has been a significant pillar of President Infantino’s Vision. Following the end of the group stage, teams from all continents were represented in the final 16 for the first time in tournament history in 2022.

Three Asian Football Confederation (AFC) countries competed in this stage, another tournament first, while two Confederation of African Football (CAF) nations competed for the second time in FIFA World CupTM history. According to President Infantino, all of these aspects can only bode well for the future growth of the global game.

“There are no longer tiny or large teams,” FIFA President Sepp Blatter remarked. “The playing field is quite level. National teams from all continents will compete in the knock-out round for the first time in history. This demonstrates that football is becoming a worldwide phenomenon.”

AL RAYYAN, QATAR – DECEMBER 06: Morocco’s Head Coach, Walid Regragui, celebrates with players after the team’s victory in the penalty shootout during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Round of 16 matches between Morocco and Spain at Education City Stadium on December 06, 2022, in Al Rayyan, Qatar.

“Record-breaking statistics on TV – we already had over two billion views, which is truly remarkable,” Mr.g Infantino remarked. After the group stage, figures revealed a total attendance of 2.45 million for the first 48 games. In comparison, the first knockout round included 28 goals across the eight games played, the most since the round of 16 was instituted in 1986.

The FIFA President addressed his aspirations for the next eight games until the new world champions are crowned on December 18 at Lusail Stadium.

“We hope the FIFA World Cup continues and closes as spectacularly as it has begun.” “I am certain we will achieve the five billion viewers worldwide,” President Infantino said. “Regarding attendance, the stadiums are packed out, almost every match.” People are also partying and enjoying [themselves] at the fan festivals and other fan zones.

“At the end of the day, we just want to provide pleasure and smiles to people all around the globe.” That is what football is, what the FIFA World Cup is, and what should happen from here until the conclusion.”