Joe Allen says Wales’ World Cup performances haven’t been a “real assessment.”

Joe Allen admits performances

Joe Allen, a midfielder for Wales, said that his team would have a “different game plan” for Tuesday’s match against England. So far, Wales has only gotten one point from its two World Cup matches.

Joe Allen returned from a hamstring injury that had kept him out for months against Iran, but his team gave up two late goals after he came on. Wales is now in last place in the group and needs to beat England to make it to the last 16.

So far in Qatar, one of the biggest complaints about the Welsh team has been that they don’t have enough energy and toughness in midfield. Page chose to play attacking-minded players like Harry Wilson and Aaron Ramsey in the middle, leaving only Ethan Ampadu to protect the back three. Both the U.S. in the first half and Iran for the whole game have dominated Wales in the middle, and Allen’s absence is a big reason.

Even though Wales needs to win the game against England, the quality of the two teams suggests that Wales will be more determined. Allen hinted that Wales would change their strategy from what had been seen so far to stop England’s talented attackers.

“We’ve talked about things from that game [against Iran], but I think this one will go in a different direction,” Allen said. “There are some things that will help us, but people expect a different kind of game and a tough opponent with a different game plan in England.”

Joe Allen then talked about how the Welsh team felt after losing to Iran. Their World Cup hopes were hanging by a thread after two bad games.

“There was no anger, just frustration that nine times out of ten, whether we win, lose, or tie. We do a better job representing ourselves than we’ve done so far. So it’s frustrating and hurtful that we haven’t done that, but the team spirit is still great, and it will help a lot if we go on and get the win we need.

“I think everyone is hurting because of where we are and how disappointing it is that we only have one point after two games.

“It feels like a clear chance was lost. But now that we’ve had time to think about it, we’re ready to get back to training, put in the work, and prepare for the best game of our lives against England.

“We need to do better, and the best way to put it is that we haven’t lived up to the potential of our team and what we’ve shown in the past. We have to fix that in the game. It’s as simple as that, and the players know it. As players, we must own up to the fact that we haven’t done it yet.”

On the other hand, the first two games’ results have made Wales’s task for the match against England very clear: win or go home. And that may still not be enough. But even though the team hasn’t done as well as it has in the past, Allen says they are more motivated than ever.

“I don’t think we could be more motivated. We’re in the World Cup, and we have to win,” he said. “From that point of view, it’s pretty easy no matter who you play. Everyone knows what’s at stake; it’s a big moment for our country, so we need to put everything we have into it.

“You wish it were up to you, but this is the situation we’re in, and even though there’s a small chance we can get through it, we have to do everything we can to make it happen.”