Lionel Messi requires two more victories to complete his conquest

Lionel Messi requires two more victories to complete his conquest

As a result of Argentina’s quarterfinal victory against the Netherlands, Lionel Messi still has a chance to leave his last World Cup with the trophy in his hands.

Lionel Messi converted a penalty kick for La Albiceleste with less than 20 minutes remaining in the first 90 minutes of play. Messi had assisted Nahuel Molina’s first goal with one of the most excellent passes you’re ever likely to witness.

Wout Weghorst’s route-one Dutch tactics necessitated extra time when Argentina squandered the lead in the latter moments of the match, making it more difficult than necessary. Messi was oblivious as the ball was continually lofted into the air throughout that stretch of the game.

However, the 35-year-old returned for Argentina to end extra time stronger and then went up first for his nation in the penalty shootout, something club-mate Neymar did not do for Brazil a few hours earlier — guess who is now returning home as a loser?

When addressing reporters immediately after the final whistle, Messi characterized himself and Argentina as “relieved.” “It was not a game for penalties, and there would be no overtime,” he conceded.

Messi continued, “We are demonstrating game by game that we know how to play football.”

Croatia, the 2018 champion, is up next in the last four.

Ultimately, Argentina was more concerned with getting the job done under the conditions. Messi’s glimpses of brilliance have bolstered the team’s overwhelming pragmatism, which has ultimately served them well since rebounding from their initial loss.

The triumphs against Mexico, Poland, Australia, and now the Netherlands had advanced Lionel Messi to his second World Cup semi-final of his career and only Argentina’s second since 1990 when the late great Diego Maradona was captain and star player.

Messi’s lack of World Cup achievement on the grandest platform is the only thing separating him from Maradona, despite his club’s success in Europe. El Diego accomplished it in 1986. Leo has just two more games to equal him. Otherwise, he will eternally be second best.