Luke Shaw tells the opinion of the England team towards Gareth Southgate

Luke Shaw tells the opinion of the England team towards Gareth Southgate

Luke Shaw claimed that the England team wants Gareth Southgate to remain as manager regardless of the Three Lions’ World Cup performance.

Southgate was elevated to England manager after Sam Allardyce’s resignation in 2016 and has since presided over one of the most successful eras in the men’s senior team’s history.

In 2018, England reached the World Cup semifinals for only the third time, while at Euro 2020, they achieved their first major final in 55 years.

Despite this relative success, Southgate has often been criticized for his conservative approach. There was much speculation leading up to the Qatar tournament that this may be his last in command.

But Luke Shaw, who has been a regular under Southgate despite his inconsistent performances for Manchester United, says the manager has the support of the locker room and is not given enough credit for his work.

Shaw said, “Of course, we want to continue working with him.” “This kind of accomplishment has not been seen in many years. I realize we haven’t won a big trophy yet, and we’re upset about that, but we’re headed in the right way, and things are looking better.

“There will be conjecture if we lose on Saturday, but we don’t want to be pessimistic and gloomy. We are optimistic and will reserve judgment until after the game.

The left-back said, “With the way things have built up to this tournament, he has not received the recognition he deserves. Considering our prior tournament experiences, the last two tournaments have been the finest in years for a considerable time.

We’re the leading scorers this tournament, but we still have room to improve, and there should be no uncertainty about him whatsoever.