Pedri talks about Lionel Messi and his dream final opponents

Pedri talks about Lionel Messi

Pedri talks about Lionel Messi, a rising star for Barcelona and Spain, who has stated his desire to play Lionel Messi and Argentina in the 2022 World Cup final.

Both Spain and Argentina are heavy favourites to advance to the knockout rounds of the 2018 World Cup in Qatar. Argentina is undefeated through 36 games, while Spain is led by perhaps the tournament’s most decorated manager (Luis Enrique).

Pedri told EFE that he hopes Spain will play Messi’s Argentina in the final before Spain’s first Group E match against Costa Rica. The World Cup final should be between Spain and Argentina. I’d love to play Leo since I’ve never had the chance to do so before. That would be fantastic.

“Messi always told us to keep our cool on the field. He always encouraged us to let loose while playing.

“I have seen better players, but Messi is the greatest. It’s a privilege to have gotten to play alongside someone like him. From the first minute we met, he treated me with tremendous respect and kindness.”

Pedri talks about Lionel Messi being questioned more on Karim Benzema’s injury-related withdrawal from the tournament: “Benzema is a world-level player with a lot of skill, particularly off the ball. Almost no other player can match his level of skill. Losing a player of his calibre before the World Cup is disappointing.