Ronaldinho breaks English schoolchildren’s hearts in 2022

Ronaldinho breaks English

At 7:20 a.m., you’re yawning and wiping sleep from your eyes as you sit on a rough hardwood floor in front of what is somewhat pretentiously called “the big TV.” In general, it’s a risky endeavor.

The teacher turns it on. First, it has to heat up. Hold tight. There is static all of a sudden. It was a painstakingly long process of going up and then back down the channel list to get to BBC One. Some more pounding on the side just in case. The noise may be heard across the entire building. The picture has traveled halfway across the world to reach us. You can see clearly in that. Summer has arrived.

You’re ready to see England face Brazil in the World Cup, and you can’t help but feel like you’re breaking the law. This feels like the best thing that has ever occurred in the history of the universe.

As Danny Mills’ bald head shines in the Shizuoka sun, you have no idea what anguish and heartache arwaitinge in wait for you. The English can even though thisthis. This, despite the fact that Brazil is the destination. Just put aside the idea that Brazil exists for a second.

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You’re sitting around a big screen TV with your pals, watching David Beckham and Michael Owen as England prepares to beat Brazil in the World Cup. You probably won’t have to do any homework tonight, and instead you can simply hang out with your friends and doodle.

It’s going to become a whole lot worse for you.

You can hardly believe England is about to lose to Brazil in the World Cup, and yet the situation is so absurd that it seems inevitable. You are about to detest David Seaman and Ronaldinho more than any other two guys in history. All of this will take up a sizable chunk of your life.

Owen puts England ahead after a mistake by Lucio. He sneaks in and chips Brazil’s goalie Marcos (not Dida, even though you probably thought it was Dida, didn’t you?) as if it weren’t the World Cup quarterfinal against Brazil.

I honestly don’t recall how any of us reacted. Presumably, there were appendages present. Parts of a school auditorium. Which, depending on youmaybeeducational background, may be the greatest option. For whatever reason, one of the guys is wearing a fake Brazil shirt that he bought on vacation in Mallorca, and he seems very devastated about it. There is a buzz throughout the crowd. The symbol of St. George’s Cross painted on both cheeks. Smiles widely and broadly. T-shirts with three lions. That’s the way God intended things to work out.

For England to win the World Cup, they needed Trevor Sinclair to start on the left wing. Generally speaking, everything were going well. True, it was the very greatest there ever was.

In the waiting area of the hospital, Mark and Super Hans fabricate a story that Jeremy’s fiancée has been unfaithful to him (with Super Hans), causing him to break down in tears. To this day, I still think Jeremy’s “Everything has transformed from gold…into sh*t” is a remark that applies to almost every circumstance, no matter how bad it seems.

The entire aftermath of Michael Owen’s goal against Brazil may be summed up in just few words. After then, the illusion collapsed all around us.

Just briefly, I’d want to address Rivaldo’s equalizing goal. Most of the credit goes to Ronaldinho for his “maze-like” run across the middle of the field, which was basically a straight line half-sprint half-waddle, followed by a single lazy stepover, but which nevertheless managed to confuse and frighten the bejesus out of Rio Ferdinand, Sol Campbell, and Ashley Cole.

So great was Ronaldinho.

It’s the type of shot that Rivaldo was destined to tuck away with his left foot, so he does just that. Just before halftime, Brazil realized they would win the game and the World Cup.

To be fair, though, Kleberson is the source of the problem. Yes, it was Kleberson who dove at Paul Scholes to grab the ball and send Ronaldinho racing through the England midfield.

Who knows what might have occurred if Scholes had used a lighter touch on the ball or if he had acted more quickly to?get to it first. It’s certainly David Seaman’s fault, and I’m not trying to argue otherwise, but it bears mentioning.

With all the vigor a pale, ginger guy can generate in 30 degree heat and 50% humidity, he and his teammate Nicky Butt chased down Ronaldinho. Scholes didn’t help matters by virtually crawling back into place in response.

Brazil was given a free kick approximately 40 yards away on the right side of the field five minutes into the second half. Ronaldinho has control of the ball. As a class and a country, we are certain that everything will be all right. Unfortunately, Brazil isn’t renowned fitstheir aeriskillsskill. No cross could be made at that incline. Much too much depth has been added.

This. Will. All. Be. Completely. Fine.

Ronaldinho bobbles his head like a chicken as he rushes along the sideline after looping the adidas Fevernova over David Seaman’s head. With all the unrestrained ferocity of a tired newborn turtle on its back, the sailor retreats to the side netting and collapses. After Ronaldinho’s grin, his ponytail becomes the second most annoying feature of his appearance.

Everyone in the school auditorium is dead silent, and thank goodness for that, for even among 10-year-olds, Brazil shirt’s life is in grave danger. The expressions of disbelief on the faces of kids who truly believe the Power Rangers are real are priceless.

Sven Goran-Eriksson reacts to Ronaldinho getting sent off for a late tackle on Mills in the 57th minute in the only manner he knows how: by doing nothing until the last ten minutes, and then by subbing out Michael Owen for Darius Vassell. Teddy Sheringham, 36, has also been brought in to replace Ashley Cole.

There will be no more.

Just when the World Cup was getting started, it was done. Peter Reid is fuming in the studio as a sappy black-and-white montage of the England players and a somewhat distressed Sven plays in the background.

You’ve just recently graduated from velcro shoes and are only now permitted to use a pen instead of a pencil, and yet you’re convinced, to the depths of your being, that you’ll never feel happiness ever again.