This season’s Premier League match that Erling Haaland is most thrilled’ about

This season's Premier League match that Erling Haaland is most thrilled' about

Erling Haaland is most enthusiastic’ to face Leeds during his first Premier League season with Manchester City, as opposed to Manchester United, Liverpool, or Chelsea.

Haaland has scored 18 goals in his first 13 Premier League games, including a hat-trick in the Manchester derby, before the World Cup break.

But Leeds manager Jesse Marsch claimed he got a communication from the City star before the season started, informing him that the Boxing Day tie against Leeds was the one he was most looking forward to.

“[Haaland] sent me an SMS as soon as the schedule was out. He stated he’s most looking forward to Boxing Day,” Marsch said before to City’s 28 December visit to Elland Road.

The American quipped, “I granted him permission to have a little hamstring strain for that match.”

Because he was born in Leeds and his father has ties to the city, he holds the club dear to his heart. We have discussed this; he and his father were supportive when I was hired. We will expect him to be properly prepared, which poses us problems.”

Haaland’s father, Alf Inge, played for Leeds for three years between 1997 and 2000, during a 10-year career in English football. The City player expressed his early admiration for Leeds and his goal to win the Premier League with his local club.

Haaland was theoretically eligible to play international football for England due to his birth location. His family left England and returned to Scandinavia before he reached four, so selecting Norway was a ‘natural’ decision.