Why must Endrick wait until 2024 to join Real Madrid

Why must Endrick wait until 2024 to join Real Madrid

Real Madrid is nearing a deal to acquire the adolescent phenom Endrick from Palmeiras.

Los Blancos might spend around €70 million for the 16-year-old, far more than they agreed to pay for Vinicius Junior in 2017 when he was also 16. No pressure, kid.

Despite this enormous transfer fee, Real Madrid supporters will not be able to see Endrick in the famed white shirt until the 2024/25 season.

Why must Endrick wait until 2024 to join Real Madrid?

Endrick will not play for Real Madrid until 2024, owing to international transfer regulations.

18-year-olds are the minimum age for moving to a team in a country where they are not nationals. In Endrick’s case, this won’t occur until July 2024.

Until then, he will remain at Palmeiras and continue to play for the Periquito Verde.

Exist circumventions of this rule exist?

Technicalities often permit international transfers of players under the age of 18.

For instance, if the player’s parents relocate to the nation of the interested club for non-football-related reasons (such as their profession), FIFA may approve the transfer.

A transfer will be barred if the player enrolls for the first time in a country where they are not a national. However, if they had resided in that nation for the last five years, the “five-year rule” would apply, and the transfer would be approved.

Minors are permitted to travel between nations with particular geographical and political agreements; for instance, a 16-year-old may travel between two countries that are both members of the European Union. However, the new club must be capable of providing academic instruction and livable housing.

If a player resides within 50 kilometers of the national boundary of the interested club, this may also be considered.

Unfortunately for Real Madrid supporters, Endrick does not meet these requirements.

Are other transfers affected by this regulation?

Yes, and they both feature active Real Madrid players.

Vinicius Junior agreed to a €45 million transfer from Flamengo in May 2017 when he was 16 years old, but he had to wait until July 2018 to come to Madrid.

Rodrygo, a club and national teammate participated in a similar transaction. Real Madrid agreed to a €45 million transfer for the 17-year-old winger in June 2018, and he arrived at the Santiago Bernabeu a year later.