World Cup injury devastates Reece James

Former right-backpack back for Chelsea and England When asked about missing the World Cup due to injuries, Reece James said he was “devastated.”

Although there was initial hope that James may make it back in time, Gareth Southgate has informed him that he will not be included in his final 26-man squad due to a knee injury.

James has already declared he will not be participating because the potential downsides to including him in the squad are too great for Southgate to ignore.

He Tweeted, “Devastated.” “I knew from the moment I damaged my knee that making the World Cup would be an uphill battle, but I never doubted that it was impossible. I’ve put in more time and effort than I ever thought possible because I wanted to give myself the best opportunity of making the squad and go.

“There was a risk on both ends, but I was willing to take it.

“I hope the best for the guys. Stay tuned for my imminent return. You are in my thoughts and prayers.”

On Thursday, Southgate will announce the final roster for his 26-man England squad, and he’ll likely likelylikely that he’ll give spots to Manchester City’s Kyle Walker and Kalvin Phillips, who are both nearing comebacks from injuries.