Xavi reflects on sincere Talks  with Gerard Pique before retirement

Xavi has praised Gerard Pique. The reason so far, the veteran defender gets set to make his final appearance at Camp Nou. After a tumultuous few months marked by reports of the Blaugrana’s desire to move on from their highest earner, Pique has announced his impending retirement from Barcelona. The 35-year-old legend has been Barcelona’s fifth choice. Supposed to be the hub of the season. He is currently behind  Marcos Alonso in the pecking order. He  has decided to step down before the World Cup break.

Xavi said at a press conference, He deserves all the praise from Barcelona fans.” It’s amazing to think about his unprecedented  career. His career will be coming to an end soon. I get it, considering the situation. Since e considers himself less vital to the team’s success. It is natural for him to take this step back. By stepping to the side, he reveals his spectacular greatness. He is deserving of all the acclaim he has received and the respect of his fellow Barça supporters.

The crowd should clap for Gerard because he deserves it. His stellar career merits nothing less. It’s important that we make today a memorable one for the club. Barça lacks direction and dedication without him.   He’s a fantastic central defender and one of the best in the business. When asked what influence he may have had on Pique’s decision, Xavi admitted that his team selection was likely a factor.

We talked about it before the season started. According to him, it is   “obviously, a private conversation.” It’s been a tough day for me as a coach, and now it’s getting tougher. He is a member of the team and has been.” I respect him very much, but this has happened to all of us. This presents a challenging management issue. Declaring his retirement is a huge step for him as a person and a player.

It’s tough, but I know it’s for the best of the club. When making my decision, considered the team’s needs and ttriggeredered the team’s needs thethe team needs needsneeds into consideration. Being honest, about how much he means to me is challenging and expensive. That’s a tough one That’s why, I feel guilty for saying it, but I have to look out for Barcelona’s best interests as a coach.

Although, I cannot say with certainty that I have been impartial, I can say without hesitation that I have always attempted to be forthright and truthful. He set a good example, but I told him the truth, and his situation  forced him to stop. Any place he goes, he will continue to win.

I simply stated my case honestly. If a football player isn’t playing, he will always blame the coach. These are unpleasant realities of the job, but they must be faced.

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